54c9ec3a-1608-48fe-8198-407021399395We Purchase Performing & Non-Performing Paper NPL Capital Advisors is your new go-to for quick and accurate bids on performing and non-performing real estate notes. We’re a Texas-based firm specializing in directly working with lending institutions.

Integrity, Credibility & Value

If you’re a portfolio manager who’s looking for realistic numbers from a no nonsense credible firm you’ve come to the right place. NPL has years of experience working with lending institutions and qualified direct brokers. We can bid on both private and commercial real estate notes, and we take care to research every tape that’s submitted to us. That’s why our quotes are accurate and have explanations behind the bid you receive from us. Our service is accurate, timely, and you’ll receive a down-to-earth realistic bid you can work with.

Proven Process

NPL has an effective and fair hands-on process for evaluating single family residential real estate loans. We have a range of loan criteria we take into account, including a local Broker Price Opinion (BPO) when necessary. The result is you get a fair bid and the speedy turn-around you need to make your quarterly number. You’ll find that NPL is going to be flexible with your bad paper. Give us a try!