NPL Capital Advisors LLC, was formed with the purpose of investing in promissory notes (Notes) secured by residential mortgages or deed of trusts. The primary investment strategy of NPL is to purchase defaulted Notes secured by first position mortgages. NPL will contact the homeowners and negotiate a “resolution”. There are multiple “resolutions” that will generate cash flow and profits for NPL.

1. Workout Agreement – NPL modifies the terms of the Note and the homeowner begins making monthly payments. Expected yearly cash flow is 25% to 55% of purchase price of Note.

2. Past Due Payments – NPL collects a percentage of the past due balance. After the payment is made, the homeowner pays down the unpaid principal balance on the Note.

3. Discounted Payoff – NPL collects a one-time payment from the homeowner to payoff the Note and to satisfy the lien

4. Foreclosure – NPL forecloses on the property and keeps the property as a rental or sells the property wholesale or retail.

5. Sale of Re-Performing Notes – After NPL negotiates a Workout Agreement with the home owner, the Note is now classified as a re-performing Note, and can be sold on the secondary market. Expected sale price is 70% to 80% of the face value of the Note.

6. Cash-Outs – After a Workout Agreement is in place and the homeowner has been making monthly payments, NPL can receive a cash-out when the homeowner decides to refinance or sell the property. NPL is paid the balance on the Note. NPL can discount the balance due and still realize above average returns.


I understand that Trust deed loans inherently have a number of significant risks. Any number of these risks may cause a loss of some or all of the principle loan amount and/or interest, and/or the temporary or permanent cease of all interest payments. NPL Capital Advisors LLC does not guarantee nor secure any loan. Trust Deed loans are not insured by the FDIC or any other governmental agency. Trust Deed loans may not be suitable for all lenders or investors. By acknowledging this disclosure and agreement, you hereby declare that you and/or your lending entity is of suitable and substantial means to make Trust Deed loans, and that a loss on capital, interest income, and/or a temporary or permanent cease in interest payments will not create a financial hardship for you or your lending entity. Although NPL Capital Advisors LLC may provide information regarding specific Trust Deed loans, it is the sole and absolute responsibility of each lender to research and verify all information provided by NPL Capital Advisors LLC including but not limited to, borrower’s credit worthiness, borrower’s past project success, borrower’s financial status, and property condition. By acknowledging this statement, you hereby understand that each lender is solely responsible for verifying all information about any specific Trust Deed loan, and you agree to hold NPL Capital Advisors LLC harmless for the verification of information given by borrowers, brokers or other third parties. NPL Capital Advisors LLC does not guarantee the performance or quality of any loan presented for consideration. NPL Capital Advisors LLC will not be held responsible for any financial hardship or loss suffered as a result of lending on Trust Deeds.